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WATCH: Rockets Bryanston − An epic three-floor layout of modern luxury and entertainment relaunched

The freshly revamped Rockets in Bryanston swung open its doors on Wednesday, 22 May, welcoming back a crowd buzzing with anticipation.

What awaited guests was nothing short of awe-inspiring: a meticulously revamped four-floor layout that screamed elegance and modernity.

The MC for the night was the stunning TV and radio personality Ayanda MVP, with a few celebrities, including DJ Fresh, Nozuko Ntshangase, DA LES, and others in attendance.

Speedsta, Ayanda MVP, and DJ Naves at Rockets Bryanston reopening. Picture: Supplied

Guests walked around and experience the different elements on each floor.

Rockets founder and CEO Sean Barber said the inspiration for this revamp was a natural progression.

“Over time, we noticed many similarities from new competitors in terms of the elements of our design, making it crucial for us to innovate and set ourselves apart once again.

“Our goal was to create something unique on every floor that couldn’t be replicated, bringing Rockets into a new era,” he added.

For the past seven years, Rockets Bryanston has offered exclusive areas tailored to discerning guests. From intimate private dining rooms ideal for small gatherings to a champagne bar and cognac lounge, there’s no shortage of opulent spaces to explore.

Barber said their loyal customer feedback played a crucial role in shaping the revamp.

“Our regulars were vocal about their concerns that many places looked like Rockets. Listening to our patrons, especially those who experienced the Rockets Beach Club, was key.

“They emphasised the need for Bryanston to have a facelift that matched the innovation and uniqueness of the Beach Club and the Rockets brand as a whole. Our customers deserved a fresh, cutting-edge experience, and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered.”

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Rockets’s epic three-floor layout

Rockets Bryanston offers three distinct floors, each with its unique ambiance, combining urban sophistication with innovative design.

Redesigned for a blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, the top floor features light, airy elements inspired by beach clubs and international trends, providing a serene dining escape.

The middle “club floor” has been extended by 30-40%, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system, a 360-degree DJ booth, and the largest ceiling LED screen in the Southern Hemisphere. This immersive space redefines nightlife with advanced tech and an expansive atmosphere.

Culinary experience

Then there is a theatrical culinary experience that has introduced the new menu for Rockets Bryanston customers.

The new menu combines Mediterranean delights, tapas and sushi with innovative textures and flavours. Highlights include Neapolitan-style pizzas and the 3kg Thor’s Hammer steak.

The menu’s 15 theatrical dishes featuring elements of smoke, fire, and ice elevate the dining experience to new heights.

Rockets media

The new edition is Rockets Media, formerly the members’ lounge, this floor now houses a cutting-edge recording studio, marking the launch of Rockets Media.

The studio merges contemporary design with professional functionality, offering a seamless blend of music and lifestyle.

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