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[Watch Video] Lavisha Malik 22g Auto Sales: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter

What is Lavisha Malik 22g Auto Sales? Is the Canada Video on TiktokInstagramTelegram, and Twitter? Check details here!

Where is the Lavisha Malik 22g Auto Sales video? Who is Lavisha Malik? Why is Lavisha going viral? What type of video of Lavisha has gone viral? Where is Lavisha from, and what did she do? People in India want to know about the details related to Lavisha Malik. Let us discuss all the facts about Lavisha and her video.

Lavisha Malik 22g Auto Sales

Lavisha Malik is a social media influencer born in India. However, she now lives in Canada and creates content from there. She speaks Punjabi fluently, as well as English. In the recent video, for which she has been going viral, she has said a lot of Punjabi. The whole video is in Punjabi. Through Lavisha Malik Canada Videoshe was promoting the 22g Auto Sales. 

However, in the viral video Lavisha Malik is not the girl promoting 22g Auto Sales Store. It is another unknown girl who looks similar to Lavisha the popular social media influencer. However, people are mistaking the 22g Auto Sales girl for Lavisha Malik.

Lavisha Malik 22g Auto Sales

Lavisha Malik’s Instagram & More

Lavisha is very popular on social media, and she does paid promotion deals a lot. It usually involves car deals and deals on similar lines. As per her social media account, she loves to wear Indian attire and flaunt her roots a lot. She has a stable following and posts content on the internet regularly. 

The video of Lavisha is going viral on Tiktok and other Platforms. However, we have informed our readers that she is not the sales girl in the video. The girl was speaking and promoting the Store in her native language. A reason behind that might have been to appeal to the Punjabis living in Canada. The Sikh and Indian diaspora is significant in the country.

Lavisha Malik’s Instagram & More

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Twitter Details of 22g Auto Sales Store

The Store has Facebook and Instagram pages. But there are no details available on their Store’s Twitter page. After visiting their social media pages, we spotted the girl who looks similar to Lavisha Malik in their posts a lot. That means she has created a lot of content for the 22g Auto Sales Store on Instagram in the past. 

The Store has a lot of Punjabi staff who understand the language. Also, by looking at their customers’ names, many of them were Sikhs. Thus, they know the language in which she was promoting their Store. The leading Store is located in Brampton, and they have two stores in the city. 

Lavisha Malik Canada Video & More

The video is available on the internet, and we will provide a link to it in the conclusion. The video does not have any inappropriate and indecent content. Thus, it can be watched by anyone and everyone. The video has been going viral for two reasons: one is the language in which she is speaking, and the second is her beauty. 

The Lavisha 22g Auto video is also available on Telegram to watch easily. The video has been the major centre of attraction. Thus, we decided to explain all the details related to the video and the person in the video. 

Lavisha Malik Canada Video & More

Social Media Details of Lavisha 

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate her Twitter account. 

Here is the link to her Instagram profile:

She has more than 100,000 followers on her social media.

We have located two of the social media accounts of the 22g Auto Sales Store.

Instagram Account Link:

They have more than 300,000 followers on their account.

Facebook Account Link of 22g Auto Sales

They have 105,000 followers on their page. No Tiktok account was found. 


In today’s article, we have decided to discuss Lavisha Malik’s video where she is promoting the 22g Auto Sales Store. The video has mesmerized a lot of people on the internet; her infectious smile and way of talking have won a lot of hearts. Lavisha has gone viral ever since her 22g Auto Sales Store video although she is not the girl in the video. The video is trending on Telegram as well. If you wish to watch the video, click here.

Have you been following Lavisha Malik on social media? Please comment on your reaction after watching her promotion video. 

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