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We need to restore and build South Africa, says FF+ leader Pieter Groenewald

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) leader Dr Pieter Groenewald said yesterday he was pleased with his party’s campaign. Groenewald said it was clear that the FF+ was being identified as a viable alternative.

“My message to the electorate is to go and vote; vote for the party you agree with and remember that a vote for the FF+ is a vote for workable plans and good values. We need to restore and build South Africa,” he said.

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Groenewald said he was thankful to all their activists, members, representatives and staff who have worked hard to spread the FF+ message of hope.

“I travelled all around the country and had very successful public meetings and engagements,” he said. FF+ head of elections and national spokesperson Wouter Wessels said the party was well received in all nine provinces.

FF+ growing

“All indications are that we are consistently continuing to grow as we did in 2019 and 2021 and will show significant growth in this election. We have had a surge in membership applications from across the country,” he said.

Wessels said their growth was not limited to disgruntled Democratic Alliance (DA) members, but also from other parties and many first-time voters.

“We are not a white interest party. Have never been. We are a party of values with steadfast policies that offer solutions to the problems facing South Africa,” he said.

“The attendance of our rallies, public meetings and manifesto launches attest to our support from different groups and races.

“We do not believe in prehistoric racial classification and thus do not ask a member to indicate skin colour on application forms.” Wessels said they were the growing alternative party.

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FF+ caucus leader in the City of Tshwane, Grandi Theunissen, said the party has grown on a regional level. “We have a huge number of volunteers assisting in Tshwane.

There were more than 600 assisting me during election time, which is a huge leap from the past,” he said.

Theunissen said they were not taking votes only from the DA. “We are also taking votes from other parties and people who haven’t voted for a long time.

There is a huge move among the youth, especially the Afrikaner youth because of B-BEE. People feel left out and feel like there is no future for them in the country,” he said.

Theunissen said they were seeing an awakening and it was reflected in the numbers during the manifesto launch.

“Yes, there is a place for white interest politics, we are also a nation that has been living here for seven to eight generations. We are going nowhere. We are part of this country and part of Africa,” he said.

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Theunissen said they served the people who shared in their sentiments.

“One of the most important things is our Christian values as a party. We don’t discriminate against anyone else, but we are specifically looking out for the minority groups in South Africa, including Afrikaners,” he said.

Theunissen said they also served other minority groups.

“Recently at our manifesto launch at least one-third was not white people and included Indian, coloured and African people who attended the launch from different places, including townships, to sign up,” he said.

Theunissen said they have been overwhelmed by African people who are joining the party.

“There’s a huge growth, not only taking votes from the DA but also maybe the ANC,” he said.

Theunissen said the FF+ has proven itself as being a stable and trustworthy political partner in a coalition

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