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Woman arrested for 2.8 million baht fraud and nude clip scheme

Woman arrested for 2.8 million baht fraud and nude clip schemeLegacy

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) arrested a woman for her alleged involvement in a nude clip scheme and a 2.8 million baht investment scam impersonating a well-known platform where she reportedly coerced victims into sending nude clips in exchange for withdrawing their investment money.

Police Major General Teeradech Thammasuthee, today, alongside an investigative team, apprehended 29 year old Arisa under a warrant issued by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court for her alleged involvement in the scheme.

The charges included fraud by impersonation and deceitfully entering false information into a computer system. She was subsequently arrested near a rental unit on Pitak Road in Buriram.

In March, a female victim reported being defrauded by individuals who impersonated a prominent investment platform, convincing her to transfer money with promises of high returns. After the money was transferred, it couldn’t be withdrawn.

The scammers then coerced the victim into sending nude clips to supposedly release the funds, amounting to over 2.8 million baht.

The victim filed a complaint with the investigators of the Technology Crime Suppression Division. On May 23, the Nonthaburi Provincial Court approved arrest warrants for five individuals involved in the scam, leading to Arisa’s capture.

Denied allegations

During questioning, Arisa denied all allegations, stating that she completed her education up to the ninth grade previously worked at a gas station, and is currently unemployed, staying at home to care for her child while her husband works.

Arisa claimed that the warrant stemmed from a visit in March by an acquaintance named Song, whose full name she did not know.

According to Arisa, Song visited her shortly after she gave birth and inquired whether she had any unused bank accounts.

At that time, she had a Siam Commercial Bank account, which she had opened to save money for her child but rarely used. She handed over the account book and ATM card to Song.

Additionally, Song downloaded a mobile banking application and had Arisa scan her face for identity verification to link the account.

After completing these steps, Song treated her to a meal as a form of gratitude, and a few days later, he transferred 500 baht to her account as payment for using it. Since then, Arisa had not heard from Song until her arrest.

A background check on Arisa revealed a previous arrest in 2019 for drug use and possession of drugs with intent to sell.

The authorities have now handed over Arisa to the investigators at the Technology Crime Suppression Division for further legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

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