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Woman divorces after tattoo reveals husband’s affair with coworker

Woman divorces after tattoo reveals husband’s affair with coworkerLegacy

A woman’s discovery of the true meaning behind her husband’s tattoo has led to the dissolution of their 19-year marriage. The unnamed woman, who posted under the r/TwoHotTakes moniker, shared her emotional story on Reddit, revealing how a tattoo led to the uncovering of an affair and her subsequent decision to divorce.

Approximately 18 months ago, the woman was taken aback when her husband decided to get a tattoo of a lily on his left chest, despite never having expressed interest in tattoos before. He justified it by saying he wanted to do something similar to his sisters’ husbands, who had tattoos. Although she had no issue with tattoos, the sudden decision was surprising to her.

“He ended up getting a lily tattooed on the left side of his chest. I didn’t really like it but I didn’t comment because he is free to do what he wants with his body.”

The situation took a peculiar turn when the husband added ivy vines around the original lily tattoo after just over a year. The wife remained unsuspecting until her husband eventually brought her to a company party where she met a coworker named Lily from her husband’s department. The coincidence of the names did not sit well with her.

“He swore it was a coincidence. She works in the same department as him and they have the same title so they must have worked together a lot.

The trust in their relationship was further eroded when he admitted to having had an affair with Lily over the past two years.

The revelation was compounded by the fact that Lily had given birth to a child named Ivy, after which her husband had gotten the ivy tattoo. Despite his pleas, the woman could not forgive the betrayal.

 “The divorce should not be complicated. We both work so the attorney I consulted said there will not be spousal support ordered for either of us and our assets will be divided.”

Her husband wants to go to counselling but, after his actions, the wife admitted that she can’t.

The woman expressed her shock and sorrow over the circumstances, having been married to her now ex-husband for 19 years and sharing a daughter who is on the cusp of turning 18. She lamented the deceitful manner in which her husband conducted his affair, which was cleverly disguised by his new tattoo.

At 43 years old, she never anticipated finding herself at such a juncture, facing divorce due to a series of events triggered by a tattoo. The story serves as a stark reminder of how personal decisions and infidelities can unravel the fabric of a long-standing relationship, leaving those involved to piece together their lives anew, reported Sanook.

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